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Since the dawn of time, knives have been one of the most vital tools that mankind has needed. If you want to venture into the wild, perhaps the most basic thing you out to bring is a knife. One of the main misconceptions, though, is that all knives are basically the same in function and in style. For the constant traveler, it is not a new fact that knives can come in different shapes and sizes, and that the shape and style of a knife is an important factor in determining its use and the actual application. If you want to buy a knife for a specific reason, it will be very beneficial if you try to study the different types of knives first so that you would get the perfect one fit to what you want. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go into so much trouble and if you want the most basic knife you could get without risking being wrong about its use, then we say you should just buy a spring assisted knife.
Spring assisted knives are knives which could be opened and closed by just pushing a spring turner. It is considered to be the most convenient of all knives because it is easy to carry it around wherever you go. Plus, these knives are actually legal to bring in most places so you won’t have to risk being detained for carrying around illegal dangerous weapons. It does not matter what profession you are in, a spring assisted knife would do the perfect job for you. For cutting simple things, this knife has a reliable sharp edge. For those who bought it for the sake of protecting one’s self, the spring assisted knife is very easy to bring around and very easy to manage, even for a lady. For those who are in for the most exciting adventure of their lives in the wild, this knife is also very functional. From policemen to bakers, to office people, to other security personnel, this type of knife is perhaps the most basic and yet the most useful one to get. It is light and small, barely three inches for the very small ones, and so it is easy to carry it around wherever you go. And it doesn’t require that much training in knife holding so even amateur ones can find use to this knife. You even have the choice of whether purchasing a knife with a steel handle, Polyimide handle, polished gold handle, and even plastic handles. No worry, though, because no matter what type of handle your knife has, most of these knives have the SpeedSafe assistance in opening so that you would not hurt yourself when opening it.
This knife has been very vital in both survival and the mundane life. Of course, you also have to choose wisely when you are shopping. Find the knife that you think would perfectly do the job you want. There are thousands of stores, both online and in stores, that offer cheap prices, but if you really want the perfect knife, I suggest you log into springassistedknife.com and you shop there, because they have a variety of quality knives to choose from.

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