Wenger Genuine Swiss Army Knife Special Dealership Network Of Retail Purchase By Suning

Wenger was founded in 1893, has more than 100 years of history. As a world famous brand knife, Wenger knife tool industry, products known as the world’s “only use the watch manufacturing process, high-quality tool products.” Swiss Army Knife from the date of birth, because of its impeccable quality and high-level government by global consumers of all ages. Practical is the Swiss Army knife of the fundamental value, in the past in the army, it is mainly used for camping and field maintenance and repair of weapons. In daily life, because of its multi-purpose and application to various areas such as travel, hiking, fishing, car and bicycle repair, diving and model aircraft movement.
 Recently, the Hai Weige Trade Co., Ltd. and Suning Appliance (002024, stock it) online shop selling the company signed an agreement to purchase the official authorized to Suning easily become a “Wenger” computer bags authorized dealer and retail network, “Wenger” Genuine Swiss Army Knife network retail dealer. This also marks the Suning Tesco to expand high-end computer accessories market.
 In addition to Sabre, the Wenger’s luggage products are also known, Wenger luggage brand for its strong brand culture, rich in content design and sophisticated technology enjoys a high international reputation, a bag each of all its compliance with international standards, represents the culmination of the world’s luggage.
 Hai Weige Trading Company was established on 1988, is pure Wenger Swiss knife, army Table China general agent responsible for Wenger products in China, Hong Kong, Macao, market expansion, development and sales management. Since 1999, the Hai Weige Trade Co., Ltd. in China in the region have increased about 10 agents, however, has been the request of its agents are very high, has been holding the Ningquewulan the approach to treatment partners. This is Wenger to market success.
 According to the Hai Weige Trade Co., Ltd. related to the person in charge, to the quality of the famous Wenger genuine product is unmatched by any counterfeit products, and now the Chinese market, a lot of counterfeit Wenger products, its quality is difficult to ensure that consumers purchase products when self-interest is greatly compromised.
 Tesco Suning, China’s largest home appliance chain – Suning Appliance’s e-commerce platform, its a good brand image and reputation of the goods sold to provide the most direct and most powerful genuine guarantee. Suning stores because of the strong support of thousands of entities, Suning Tesco own e-commerce industry’s most important prerequisite is one of the most scarce – credibility. Suning Tesco consumers to buy Wenger products, there is no longer genuine mainstream concerns.
 The Suning Tesco cooperation with Wenger, Suning opened Tesco expansion to high-end accessories off. Suning Tesco relevant responsible person said that the cooperation is not only easy to purchase Suning expanded the number of computer accessories category, let Suning Tesco’s overall level of goods sold on a higher level. Which is to the Wenger is concerned, is equivalent to have a national coverage channels. With Suning’s influence in the country and brand, and Wenger products of high quality assurance, I believe this partnership will allow both sides to achieve win-win situation.
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